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Yugo Puzzle is a simple 2D puzzle game involving jelly blocks. Move the jellies left or right to bring jellies of the same color together. Once you join all jellies of the same color, you unlock the next level.

Despite the simple ruleset, it is a very challenging game. You may be surprised at how difficult it is at first, but you will get used to it as the game progresses. The feeling of exhilaration you get when you figure out the solution is great. Enjoy a variety of unique and intriguing puzzles.


  • Mouse only controls
  • Dark mode and color custom settings supported
  • Turn the jelly face display on/off
  • Minimal graphics and simple levels to let you focus on the game
  • Bouncy jelly blocks (which is a key element of the gameplay)

You can go deep in thought and enjoy it alone, or you can discuss the levels with your friends.


Buy Now$6.99 USD or more

In order to download this game you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $6.99 USD. You will get access to the following files:

yugo-puzzle-osx-universal.zip 122 MB
Version 1.0.7
yugo-puzzle-win32.zip 119 MB
Version 1.0.7
yugo-puzzle-win64.zip 122 MB
Version 1.0.7


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This game makes me laugh at the solutions. This is the highest compliment I can give to a puzzle game.

I loved "Jelly no Puzzle", happy to see some clones :)

This is such a wonderful game! Your puzzles are always just a delight <3

Is there any chance you could make the soundtrack available for purchase or download :) ?


Thank you! I plan to make the soundtrack downloadable for free :)

The way that blocks (attempt to) jump upwards before moving to the side confused me at first since it's not really explained by the instruction text and I'd assumed the bouncing animation was just a visual upgrade from the developer's previous free games. After figuring out the mechanic though, I'm finding Yugo's levels to be as cleverly designed and satisfying to solve as always from Qrostar. 

As a UI suggestion: It would be nice to natively rebind the undo hotkey to an unused mouse button.

Deleted 329 days ago

Thank you! Have you updated to the latest version? 1.0.2 and higher versions have a much smaller CPU load than 1.0.1.

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Thank you for the quick response,  my current version is 1.0.4


Hmm, there may not be much we can do right away, sorry... Turning off vsync and making the window smaller might reduce the CPU load somewhat.

This game is very interesting. Will it be released on mobile phones?


I'm considering it, but not soon anyway. The game would be good for mobile phones:)


this game is really frustrating in the way that only the best puzzle games are & the feeling of TRIUMPH you get when you clear a level that's been stumping you is amazing.

if you like puzzle games, pick this up!!


it is so good!


Yes, I'm so excited! This kind of chill puzzle solving is just what I needed right now. Also, extremely love that you can choose to give the blocks faces.